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Courtesy Aaron Straup Cope.

Flickr Shapes

Aaron generated Flickr Shapetiles from geotagged Flickr photos, which have up to six associated Where On Earth (WOE) IDs. These identifiers correspond to the hierarchy of places where a photo was taken: the neighbourhood, the town, the county, and so on up to continents. If you draw an outline around all the locations for a given WOE entity, you infer an approximate shape of that place!

This map is constructed using a single image layer pulling tiles from Amazon S3 via TileStache. Hosting courtesy of Aaron Straup Cope.

Source Code

var po = org.polymaps;

var map = po.map()
    .zoomRange([1, 10])

/** Returns a TileStache URL template given a string. */
function tilestache(template) {

  /** Pads the specified string to length n with character c. */
  function pad(s, n, c) {
    var m = n - s.length;
    return (m < 1) ? s : new Array(m + 1).join(c) + s;

  /** Formats the specified number per TileStache. */
  function format(i) {
    var s = pad(String(i), 6, "0");
	  return s.substr(0, 3) + "/" + s.substr(3);

  return function(c) {
    var max = 1 << c.zoom, column = c.column % max;
    if (column < 0) column += max;
    return template.replace(/{(.)}/g, function(s, v) {
      switch (v) {
        case "Z": return c.zoom;
        case "X": return format(column);
        case "Y": return format(c.row);
      return v;
Polymaps is a project from SimpleGeo and Stamen.