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Midnight Commander

You know, for when you’re Jason Bourne and you’re on the run from the man and you break into the command center and you pull up the secret map interface? That one.

This map is constructed using a single image layer of CloudMade tiles. The tiles are in spherical mercator coordinates, and the map has standard interaction controls, so this basic example is a useful starting point for customization. Register a developer account with CloudMade for your own API key.

Source Code

var po = org.polymaps;

var map = po.map()

    + "/1a1b06b230af4efdbb989ea99e9841af" // http://cloudmade.com/register
    + "/999/256/{Z}/{X}/{Y}.png")
    .hosts(["a.", "b.", "c.", ""])));

Polymaps is a project from SimpleGeo and Stamen.